Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Facebook campaigner who broke the bank

Stephen Davies writes on his blog that "Facebook is proving to be a successful platform for anyone (stress: anyone) to take action against perceived wrong doings of big business, provided that the cause is worthy of a fight and the ‘crowd’ is big enough."

The Internet, and particularly Social Media networking sites, have brought more power to the unhappy consumer. Fast communication and networking has made it ever so easy to organise protests, boycotts, and share dissatisfying experiences and/or home-produced-media bashing a company, product or brand. As a PR professional representing especially larger organisations it is now an absolute must to monitor activity on the internet at large, and Social Media networking sites in particular. I’m not sure if these developments make organisations more prone to engage in two-way communication with online publics, or more anxious about getting involved. What do you think?

Johnny Chatterton organized a protest group via Facebook and managed HSBC to change their policy regarding graduate overdrafts. In this 3:30 minute interview he speaks of how he organised the group and what aspects of Facebook he thinks made the campaign successful:

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