Thursday, 28 February 2008

Hi everyone!

I’ve chosen to look at PR 2.0 and more specifically Social Media Releases as a Master’s dissertation subject, and this blog will function as a sort of outlet for my thoughts as my work, knowledge and findings progress.

What is PR 2.0?
PR 2.0 is a term supposedly coined by Brian Solis back in the 90s. Simply put, PR 2.0 is how public relations integrates with the technology-heavy world of today’s business. It is about how PR can take into account and employ the increased social media which exist today, such as blogs, Webinars, podcasts, vlogs etc.

What is a Social Media Release?
Social Media Releases are a new variant of the traditional press release for online distribution, which incorporates the elements of PR 2.0.

Why is this of interest to anyone?
I’ve chosen this as an area of focus because I believe the PR industry inevitably has to, and is, changing its ways of communicating in order to efficiently be able to build relations with many stakeholder groups whose approach and way of doing business is changing fast.

At least that is what I imagine. At the current moment I can’t claim to have much knowledge. I’m just starting the journey into this exciting field, and I hope some of you who are reading my blog will contribute to my journey by giving tips or your own thoughts on the posts I will make.

Here we go…

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Breeze said...

This should be an interesting read Mattias. Be sure to up-date me on proceedings :)